Guitar Lessons for Beginners – Guitar From Scratch – Part 16

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Guitar lesson for beginners

These are excerpts from GUITAR FROM SCRATCH a Complete Guitar Course for beginners

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Guitar From Scratch –

Guitar Lessons for Beginners – Part 16

Basic Theory

What are music notes?

The term ‘note’ used in music carries multiple meanings. To start with we can
simply think a note is a pitch of a sound or in a very basic way the sound you
produce in guitar or any other instrument.

How many notes are there?

In western music we have 12 notes. These notes can repeat in different octaves
meaning the notes remain the same but the pitch varies.

What are the note names?

The notes are named alphabetically.
The letters from A to G are used for naming notes. With or without a # (sharp)
except B & E all other notes have a sharp). Remember this for the time being.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

How to find the notes on the guitar?

The order in which the notes exist is represented in the circle. All you need to
know now is what open string notes are or how you tune the guitar.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners


What is the note on the 5th fret 1st string?
First step is to find what is 1st string open note. It is E ,so look at the circle ,put
your finger on the E note think if it is open then the next note is the note on the
1st fret. Isn’t it ?thus count to 5 in clock wise direction starting from F (F is 1st fret
since E is open). You will find A is the 5th note starting from F as one. Thus A is
the note on the 5thfret 1st string. I hope it􀇯s clear, if not then refer to the video.


Now you find the following notes on the guitar.
1. Find the C# note on the 3rd string.
2. Find the G note on the 2nd string.
3. Find the A note on the 5th string. Other than the open string.
4. What is the note on the 15th fret 1st string?
5. What is the note on the 8th fret 3rd string

Guitar lessons for beginners – Part 16 – Video Lesson 10a

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