Guitar from scratch is an online course for absolute beginners. Please watch the preview. Guitar from scratch is available in 2 parts. You have 4 options for buying this course.

Course Content

Build a strong foundation in guitar playing with this tutorial for beginners.
Its a step by step approach for beginners to learn guitar.The common problems faced by students are also discussed for efficient and faster learning.
Practicing with backing tracks help thus after some videos backing tracks are included.
After completing this course a student can play many songs alone and also with a band.

Topics covered

  • Posture and plectrum holding.
  • How to read neck/fretboard diagram.
  • Alternate picking exercises.
  • Open position scale exercises.
  • A few basic Chromatic exercises.
  • Open Position C major scale.
  • Songs in open position scale.
  • Introduction to chords.
  • Chord shifting exercises using the metronome.
  • Introduction to strumming.
  • Concepts of a Bar or Measure.
  • Creating your own strumming patterns.
  • Introduction to missing/skipping beats.
  • Practice routine for you to follow.
  • Suspended chords
  • Related chord progressions.

Basic Theory

  • How many notes are there?
  • What are the note names?
  • How to find the notes on the fretboard?
  • Major scale fingering.
  • Related exercises.
  • Picking exercises.

Strumming Patterns

  • 8 beat strumming patterns.
  • Mixing strumming patterns.
  • Splitting strumming patterns.
  • Dominant seventh chords.
  • Swing rhythm.
  • Country style strumming pattern.
  • Basic Barre chords in E shape.
  • 12 bar blues progressions.
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Full course

Video + pdf + backing tracks
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Introductory : 49.00 USD | Rs 2399

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