Guitar Lessons for Beginners – Guitar From Scratch – Part 11

If you are looking for Guitar Lessons for Beginners then you are at the right place.

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Guitar lesson for beginners

These are excerpts from GUITAR FROM SCRATCH a Complete Guitar Course for beginners

I create these lesson and share for free for those who can’t afford it but if you can afford it and find these lessons really helpful then please purchase the entire course since roughly 50% of the Course is available for free to the public. Download link is below.

Guitar From Scratch –

Guitar Lessons for Beginners – Guitar From Scratch – Lesson 10

Suspended / Sus chords

Sus chords are neither major nor minor chords but beautiful sounding chords
neutral in character which you can use instead of or along with major/minor
chords. Some exceptions are there which we will discuss in details in the
upcoming theory course.
There are 2 types of Sus chords e.g. Sus 2, Sus 4.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Chord progressions

1. |D|Dsus2|Asus4|A|
2. |Dsus2|Dsus4|Asus2|Asus4|
3. |E|Esus4|Dsus2|Asus2|

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

4. |G|Gsus4|D|Dsus4|

Guitar lessons for beginners – Part 14 – Video Lesson 10

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