Guitar Lessons for Beginners – Guitar From Scratch – Part 11

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Guitar lesson for beginners

These are excerpts from GUITAR FROM SCRATCH a Complete Guitar Course for beginners

I create these lesson and share for free for those who can’t afford it but if you can afford it and find these lessons really helpful then please purchase the entire course since roughly 50% of the Course is available for free to the public. Download link is below.

Guitar From Scratch –

Guitar lessons for beginners – Part 5 – Lesson 3

More Chromatic Exercises

If you want to take your guitar playing to the next level and let your fingers do the talking then you just cannot ignore the chromatic exercises.
Although there are infinite numbers of chromatic exercises, I have selected some of the most effective ones for the beginners.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Maintain alternate picking starting with a down stroke. If you lift off the fingers after playing each note then this exercise will not help you at all. Keep all the fingers routed till you have placed all 4 fingers.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners


We will use a technique called “sweep picking” for this exercise. As the name
suggests it’s a sweeping motion of the right hand since we are playing one note
per string thus alternate picking is not absolutely necessary.

Practice Routine

Now let’s put the things together in a proper way. Smart work is more important
than hard work in order to make the most of your practice time.
I am providing a practice routine assuming you practice 30 mins/day. You can
proportionately increase the time of the individual elements if you have more

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Guitar lessons for beginners – Video Lesson 9

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