Duur Chords

Learn to play Duur Chords by Strings. A detailed video is provided with the lyrics with chords. You can play Duur Chords in 2 ways, either using barre chords or by playing open chords a capo. The chords in bracket represents the chord shapes if you are using a capo on the 5th fret.

Duur Chords with lyrics

F(C)        Bb(F)  F(C)  C(G)   F(C)
Duuuur duuur duuuur  ......................... x2
Gm(Dm)           C(G)
Duur say koi aaye
Dm(Am)   F(C)
Kahi chupke se woh
Gm(Dm)       C(G)
Dil mai sama jaye
Bb(F)    C(G)
Sajna aaaaaaaa

F(C)        Bb(F)  F(C)  C(G)   F(C)
Duuuur duuur duuuur ....  x2

Dekhe mujhe jab woh aankhe
Bb(F)       F(C)                           Bb(F)
Main kho jau   In aankho ke raste 
Main us ke dil mai samau
Gm(Dm)                          C(G)
Kuch keh na pau use main  Kuch sun na pau
Gm(Dm)                   C(G)
Us ke bina mera jivan Jaise koi suna gav
F(C)        Bb(F)  F(C)  C(G)   F(C)
Duuuur duuur duuuur  ......................... x2
F(C)                           Bb(F)               F(C)
Suraj ki kirno se banta hai Chehra tumhara 
          Bb(F)   C(G)  
Ik yehi chehra Hai mera jivan sahara 
Gm(Dm)                       C(G)
Aankhe teri meri nadiya Palke kinara 
Gm(Dm)                     C(G)
Lakho dukho mai akela Hai mera ye dil bechara 

Next parts are repeated...

Duur Chords – Detailed video lesson part I


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