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Mozart Rondo Alla Turca Rock Version Tabs

Learn to Play  Rondo Alla Turca (Rock Version) by W.A. Mozart. Please go through the tabs and a detailed video lessons below.

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Sequence of the licks to be played

|Lick 1|Lick 2|Lick 3|Lick 1|Lick 2|Lick 3|Lick 4|Lick 5|

|Lick 1|Lick 2|Lick 6|Lick 4|Lick 5|Lick 1|Lick 2|Lick 6|

|Lick 7|Lick 8|Lick 7|Lick 8|Lick 9|Lick 10|Lick 9|Lick 10|

|Lick 11|Lick 12|Lick 9|Lick 13|Lick 11|Lick 12|Lick 9|Lick 13|

|Lick 7|Lick 8|Lick 7|Lick 8|Lick 1|Lick 2|Lick 3|Lick 1|

|Lick 2|Lick 3|Lick 4|Lick 5|Lick 1|Lick 2|Lick 6|Lick 4|

|Lick 4|Lick 5|Lick 1|Lick 2|Lick 6|

Mozart— Rondo Alla Turca (Rock Version) tabs Video Part I


Mozart— Rondo Alla Turca (Rock Version) tabs Video Part II

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