2 Chord easy Hindi Bollywood song guitar lesson for Beginners – Detailed Video Lesson

2 chord songs hindi

Hello guitar players,

Here is a list of easy 2 chord songs hindi Bollywood songs for Beginners. These are video lessons so that you can follow the instructions and learn easily. Please note these songs are based on more chords but for the beginners to enjoy I have simplified it and taught using two chords. So enjoy and if you want to learn guitar properly then feel free to checkout my guitar course for absolute beginners to intermediate level named Guitar from Scratch.

If you want to get started with the following songs then you need to know 2 basic Chords E and A.

2 chord songs hindi


2 chord songs hindi

Yaaron – KK guitar lesson

Pal -KK – guitar lesson for beginners

Sanu ek pal

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Guitar From Scratch – Guitar Lesson for beginners


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What is Guitar From Scratch ??

Guitar lesson For Beginners

Guitar from scratch is a guitar course for beginners (Online guitar lesson for absolute beginners).If you failed before and think that guitar is too difficult then you might wanna try it out. Guitar from scratch offers a systematic approach towards learning guitar and as you proceed with this course you get to use our youtube channel and can learn at least 50 songs by the time you reach the end of this course.The lessons are clearly explained with tab notations in the pdf provided. Loads of Backing tracks for practice are included.

Available at http://www.musiccircle.in/beginner-guitar-course.php

Who can benefit the most from this Course ??

Guitar From Scratch is designed for people who want to start learning guitar as a hobby but we have included all essential ingredients to take the students to the next level so that they can do justice to your time and passion and have sound knowledge of the subject.

The best thing about this course is, we have a huge percentage of success rate when we applied this method to people who failed to learn the guitar after a number of  attempts from different teachers and lost hope. We proved them wrong and made them realize that anybody can learn the guitar (the time and difficulty level in learning guitar can vary from person to person since there is no magic pill and with patience and the right guidance the goal can be reached for sure).

People who are learning guitar from a teacher can use this as a reference material for self improvement like we used to buy reference books in school.

People who don’t have time to travel to a teacher and need a self help course to learn at their own pace (If they are stuck then we are always there to help them out if they book lessons with us).

This course is suitable for people of any age and nationality.

Why this is a must have course for beginners ??

You always wanted to play the guitar properly, right ??

If money could buy everything then the richest people would have acquired all the skills in the world. However smart investments can ease the pain a little bit. Although it ain’t your last chance to learn guitar and it’s never too late, yet it’s a wake up call.

Ladies n gentlemen it’s Guitar From Scratch a complete course for beginners I created for you. It took me 10 years to figure out what works when it comes to teaching the beginners, it might not be the best but it has surely helped hundreds if not thousands of students to learn guitar. Give it a try it’s worth the time n effort and I kept it very cheap and affordable so that everybody can learn and compared to the size of the DREAM it can turn into reality the price you pay is almost nothing. To learn more please spare a minute to watch the preview

Watch the preview.

Course Content

Learn the basic concepts and tools to play  guitar from very basic to intermediate level.

Build a strong foundation in guitar playing with this tutorial for beginners.

Its a step by step approach for beginners to learn  guitar.The common problems faced by students are also discussed for efficient and faster learning.

Practicing with backing tracks help thus after some videos backing tracks are included.

After completing this course a student can play many songs alone and also with a band.

Course overview and Contents.

Starting with basic posture, plectrum holding and open string exercises, as we proceed we learn many exercises to build left and right hand co-ordination , finger strength etc.  along with proper practice technique using metronome.As we learn more interesting things, in order to make it more challenging and fun drum tracks are introduced as well.

Topics covered

  • Posture and plectrum holding.
  • How to read neck/fretboard diagram.
  • Alternate picking exercises.
  • Open position scale exercises.
  • A few basic Chromatic exercises.
  • Open Position C major scale.
  • Songs in open position scale.
  • Introduction to chords.
  • Chord shifting exercises using the metronome.
  • Introduction to strumming.
  • Concepts of a Bar or Measure.
  • Creating your own strumming patterns.
  • Introduction to missing/skipping beats.
  • Practice routine for you to follow.
  • Suspended chords
  • Related chord progressions.

Basic Theory

  • How many notes are there?
  • What are the note names?
  • How to find the notes on the fretboard?
  • Major scale fingering.
  • Related exercises.
  • Picking exercises.

Strumming Patterns

  • 8 beat strumming patterns.
  • Mixing strumming patterns.
  • Splitting strumming patterns.
  • Dominant seventh chords.
  • Swing rhythm.
  • Country style strumming pattern.
  • Basic Barre chords in E shape.
  • 12 bar blues progressions.

50+ songs to learn

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