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Guitar classes in Pune

Tamsguitar offers premium guitar lessons to the passionate music lovers. There is no criteria such as age limit or prior experience. The only thing to bear in mind is that any art form takes time to master and we don’t know the secret to overnight success so if you are passionate enough to focus on the goal rather than the obstacles then welcome on board.

We take utmost care and make sure that whoever comes to us gets ample support in order that their learning experience is enjoyable with good results. It is a team work so as we do our part and the student also needs to practice on a regular basis ( min 15 mins a day is all we ask if you are too busy). Whether you want to learn as a hobby or in order to become a pro the basic steps remain the same, quality things take time to develop and there is no scope for compromise.

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Packages we offer – Guitar classes in Pune

Group Lessons:

One session per week :  Fees Rs 1500 per month (Total 4 sessions every month)

One on One lessons

One session per week : Fees Rs 6000/ month (Total 4 sessions every month) – 45 mins per session

The above package is for beginners.

Intermediate to advanced Lessons

Group Lessons

One session per week : Fees 1700/ month (Total 4 sessions every month)

During enrollment fees and admission charge Rs 1000 to be paid in advance ( one week before the classes are scheduled)

Skype Lessons

Please visit our website for more details.

Take our Free Course for beginners

Downloadable self help courses

If you don’t have time to take in person classes then you can checkout our downloadable courses. We have 10 video courses for all levels please visit our institute’s website : for more details.

guitar classes in Pune

Admission Procedure for guitar classes in Pune

A student needs to submit 2 month’s fees (1st and last month’s fees in advance) along with an admission charge of Rs 1000 ( which includes study materials comprising premium video lessons, backing tracks and .pdf files).


Is it a two months course? How long do I need to learn ?

Ans: It is not a 2 months course. Every month one needs to pay the monthly fees in advance as along as they wish to learn ( 6 months or 1 year or as long as the teachers are alive) they can attend the classes.

What do you mean by last month’s fees that we pay during admission?

Ans: Suppose you want to discontinue after 6 months, so you need to notify us at the end of the 5th month that this is the last month you will attending the classes before discontinuing. Thus you won’t have to pay the fees on the 6th month since you already paid at the beginning.

As a beginner which guitar should I buy ? What Useful accessories do I need?

Ans: Although there are a lot of cheap and expensive guitars available these days online yet based on our experience the following two guitars and these are fantastic compared to the price range and longevity.

Yamaha F 310

Yamaha Fs 100c





Online guitar teacher in India teaching via Skype Indian / Bollywood Music | Tamsguitar online guitar lessons

Skype guitar lessons India | online guitar classes India |

Looking for online guitar teacher from India??

We are happy to let you know that online guitar classes via skype from India (Online guitar classes india) is conducted from our music institute MUSIC CIRCLE in Kolkata. We teach all levels and our team consist of Professional musicians with real on road performing experience who can help you to learn as an absolute beginner or Rock guitar techniques, Blues, Fingerstyle, Western Classical and Bollywood Music.

You may have already come across the name Tamsguitar or MUSIC CIRCLE  since we are catering to the guitar students in India and around the world through our Youtube channel for free over the years. More info of the YOUTUBE CHANNEL can be found below.

Online guitar lessons india

Online Guitar Classes on Skype | Music Circle Online Music Classes India

How does online guitar Classes work ?

All you need is a good internet connection and a video calling app or platform like Skype, whats app or google hangout and obviously a guitar then you are good to go.

The only aspect that is missing in an online class is touch, apart from that every other aspect is equivalent to an in person class. You can always ask your teacher to adjust the camera angle if you want to look at some specific part of the guitar. He can also see you playing and can figure out the mistakes you make.

online guitar classes india

online guitar classes india

Can Beginners learn Guitar online ?

This is a FAQ that haunts most beginners. Well we will provide you an answer from our practical experience and not from the theoretical perspective.

As you already know necessity is the mother of invention thus it goes without saying that when an Indian living abroad wants to learn this instrument from a foreigner, the basic problems they face are as follows.

  1. Inability to adjust to a new culture.
  2. Commuting time and lack of flexibility due to busy work schedule.
  3. Expensive fees compared to the same quality of lessons from India at a very reasonable price.
  4. Traveling expense and parking fees make it even more expensive
  5. The fact that they can’t learn the music they grew up listening to makes it even more difficult
  6. Thus most people quit after a few months.

The above reasons were stated by our NRI guitar students who contacted us for online guitar lessons via skype. They contacted us through our Website and Youtube Channel making us one of the only few guitar teachers in India who were exploring the modern technology around early 2013 when gradually people started having high speed internet connection for educational purpose in India.

Many beginners joined and we continued teaching them as well as some intermediate students who followed. We expanded and created our second website and started offering multiple instrument online lessons via skype.

These days more people have started taking classes from suburbs and towns in India due to lack of availability of teachers around them. People from Metro cities got in touch with us either because they love our free lessons in Youtube or because they don’t want to lose time commuting and can learn at the comfort of their home even during odd hours since we follow a flexible schedule.

Online guitar lessons india – Our Skype students who started as Absolute Beginners

online guitar classes india

online guitar classes india

online guitar classes india

online guitar classes india

After many years of teaching via skype these are the testimonials written by our Foregner, NRI and Indian students in our Google pages. Please note these are the google reviews of Tamsguitar and Music Circle.


Do you people teach Bollywood Oldies / Old Bollywood music ??

Of course we do and and if you are eligible then we teach you exact way to do it. We took an initiative and we believe no one else is doing it at least on this date (26/8/2018). We are trying to help people who can play well but either can’t afford to pay for these expensive lessons ( Since only pros can teach these authentic guitar parts) or can’t find a teacher in the locality who is capable of teaching them these parts. So these are watch and learn videos for serious players, although it may see impossible to learn for the ordinary players yet if one is capable one can look at the finger position and watch the slowed down videos over and over till they get it. So here is a glimpse of the project I was talking about.

Classic Bollywood Authentic Guitar parts Episodes

7 Kishore Kumar Hits guitar parts

Neele Neele Ambar par – Authentic Guitar parts lesson (Watch n Learn type)

Dil Kya Kare (Kishore Kumar) exact chords

Do you people only teach Bollywood Music ? If Not then what else can we learn here ??

We teach many different styles that are as follows.

Western Classical and Acoustic Fingerstyle guitar lessons at Music Circle

Se ela Perguntar – Dilermando Reis

Prelude in Cm (A.Barrios) 

Rock guitar lessons at Music Circle

Blues guitar lessons

Soloing and improvisation

Does online downloadable guitar courses work ??

Well,  the truth is if its structured and you have the dedication to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm then surely it works. And if the above criteria is missing then taking in person lessons even from the greatest teacher may not be fruitful. This is the course we created based on our practical experience with teaching students for over a decade and carefully jotting down the lessons that worked and discarding the ones that didn’t.


We can’t go to anymore details in this Blog so we would request you to check the preview and description of this course that we named GUITAR FROM SCRATCH – Click here.

This Course is available at a very affordable price. If you are brave enough to compromise a few drinks during the weekends then buying this will save you years of aimless practice using random materials from the internet. Even if you have a tutor this course will act as a wonderful reference material for you to grow with the help of teachers.

Which guitar should i buy as a beginner ?

There are a lot of options depending on your budget, the higher you go the better quality you get and obviously the better it feels in terms of playability and sound. But if you don’t have a decent budget then the best guitars with great value for money we recommend are as follows. Our students own these guitars and over the years these guitars performed better.


Basic Accessories needed to get started ?

All you need is a tuner , a metronome, a capo (to play simplified songs), some plectrum (picks) and a spare string set in case any string breaks . Either you can buy a tuner and metronome separately or you can buy as a package. My favorite options are listed below.

  • Planet Waves  Tuner (Good Quality)

  • Kadence Tuner (Basic Quality)

  • Bronz Metronome + tuner (Basic)

  • Boss TU-80 Guitar Tuner and Metronome (Good Quality)

  • Plectrums

  • Bufferman Metal Black Guitar Capo (Basic)

  • Planet Waves  Guitar Capo (medium quality)

If you want to thank us by paying for the lessons we create for you then click the link below.

Music Circle ( Pune and Kolkata)

Music Circle conducts guitar keyboard violin drums harmonica classes in Pune and Kolkata ( easily accessible from Newtown Saltlake Ruby Kasba Lake Town Kolkata ) n online via skype.

Music Circle Intro Video – Join Music Classes in Pune, Kolkata/Skype

Join our Institute for online /offline music classes

Our Rock Blues Youtube Channel

Learn guitar Keyboard Violin Drums harmonica via skype and in India.

Chura liya accurate guitar tabs including intro and guitar solo with detailed videos lesson | Tamsguitar Blog

Welcome to Tamsguitar Guitar lesson Blogs. In this blog post you will find Chura liya tabs, Chura liya intro gutiar tabs, Chura liya solo guitar lesson with detailed videos. This is R.D.Burman Classic.

Chura Liya tabs – intro detailed video

Chura Liya tabs intro

Chura liya intro tabs
Chura liya intro tabs


Chura liya tabs detailed guitar lesson video



Chura liya tabs

Chura liya tabs
Chura liya tabs for guitar


chura liya tabs

Chura Liya guitar solo tabs

Chura liya tabs
Chura liya guitar solo tabs

If you want to thank us by paying for the lessons we create for you then click the link below.

Music Circle conducts guitar keyboard violin drums harmonica classes in Kolkata ( easily accessible from Newtown Saltlake Ruby Kasba Lake Town Kolkata ) n online via skype.

Music Circle Intro Video – Join Music Classes in Kolkata/Skype

Join our Institute for online /offline music classes

Our Rock Blues Youtube Channel

Learn guitar Keyboard Violin Drums harmonica via skype and in India.

Guitars and Gadgets I used sofar : Click the names to view the details.

Acoustic guitars (steel string and  nylon string classical)


Electric Guitars (Some of those models are not available now)

Processors and Pedals


Cables Tuners and Strings