Rules and Regulations of Music Circle and Tamsguitar

Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations for our students.

Fees payment deadline

Fees to be paid on monthly basis well in advance between the 15th to 25th of previous month.  E.g. Fees for Oct should be paid between 15th Sept – 25th Sept by continuing students. This helps us to utilize our time in case any student discontinues.

There will be a LATE FINE of Rs 200/ $5 if fees paid after 25th of the current month.

Number of Classes per month

The monthly fees includes maximum 4 sessions per month. It is mandatory to complete the monthly quota of 4 sessions. Classes cannot be carried forward to the next month.

On the 5th week the institute will remain closed.

E.g. Whenever there is a 5th Sunday (or any other day), the classes will remain closed.

On National Holidays mostly on bigger occasions like Durga Puja or Christmas when people tend to plan vacations, the institute will  remain closed. Like all other Academic institutions we are not liable to compensate.


One on One lesson students can reschedule classes in case of an emergency once in 2 months. In order to reschedule a session a student should inform his/her teacher at least 24 hrs before the class otherwise we regret it wont be compensated.

Since the time is allotted for you and only you thus monthly fees is chargeable whether you attend one or 4 sessions every month. This rule is applicable for both Group and one on one sessions (at the institute or home tuition or skype lessons).

We tend to give ample flexibility to all students in order that no matter what, a student can attend all the sessions. Rescheduling for Group classes is not possible if the teacher is present and conducted the class on regular time then there is no way to compensate if student was absent. If the teacher misses a class for his own reasons then the Academy is liable to compensate.

For one-on-one students, if we fail to reschedule a session due to lack of availability in spite of the fact the student informed us 24 hrs before the class then we add extra time to the remaining sessions to make up for the lost session.

E.g. If one session is 1 hr long then total class time of 4 sessions is 4 hrs. If you miss a class and we are unable to compensate in spite of the fact you informed us well in advance, then we add extra time to each class to cover 4 hrs in 3 sessions. Simple Math i believe.

Caution Money – Serves the purpose of Notice period

The caution money deposit is one month’s fees that is strictly non-refundable. It is adjustable with the last month’s fees.

Whenever a student wishes to discontinue he/she will have to inform us by 25th of previous month for discontinuation. And on the last month the caution money will be adjusted with the fees and a student’s account will accordingly be closed.

If fees is not paid by 30th of previous month then the caution money will be automatically adjusted.

If in case of any emergency if a student gets busy discontinues before adjusting the caution money then we give 3 months time to adjust the caution money. On failure after 3 months the caution money expires and their account with us is terminated and even if the student wants to rejoin on the 4th month, he/she will have to pay the caution money again like fresh admission.

Fees if not paid by 30th

Process of Admission and Trial classes

We don’t offer any free trial. However you can get in touch to book a paid session.

Every month from 20th we open slots on first come first serve basis for the next month. Interested students have to discuss the time slot with us and make payment at the earliest to block the verbally discussed slot. From the beginning of the month the classes are started. E.g. Between 20th April to 30th April we would fix the slots for students who would join classes from May with all the payments to be done in April to block their time in May.

In case any student want to join classes in the middle of the month, then we take admission and make sure to complete 4 session in that month since the fees payable is on monthly basis and cannot be split and neither can the classes be carried forward to the next month.

Bank Details for Payment of Fees

This is a Corporate/ Current account Music Circle with HDFC Bank

A/c No. 50200023649722
IFSC – HDFC0000277
MICR – 700240014
Branch: Hdfc Bank Ltd
CJ166, Salt Lake City
Sector II
Kolkata – 700091

This is a corporate account. Please mention your name in the remarks and leave a message immediately after initiating the transfer on our official number whatsapp.

Payment Method

Payment link will be sent to students. For International students/NRI. Our Payment partner is Stripe.

For Indian bank account transfer 18% GST is applicable for students in India or NRI students using Indian Bank transfer . 

Within 12 hrs to 24 hrs  of receiving the payment we shall acknowledge the receipt. It is mandatory to share (on whatsapp) a screenshot and UTR number after initiating the transfer.

We don’t accept Paypal, RIA or Xoom etc for payments.

Booking the sessions – Final step of Registration

Once the day, time are finalized then you’ll have to make payment of 2 months fee (that covers you for the first month and last month mentioned in the caution money section within 24 hrs to block the date. For you we keep a slot blocked for 24 hrs on verbal communication. Post 24 hrs it will be available for other students in queue on first come first serve basis.

Please Note (Like all schools on earth)

The fees and terms and conditions are subject to change as per service requirements (transition from Beginner to intermediate or advanced) and as per the system of global economics, government compliance and inflation etc. Existing Students will get ample notice and the revised fees structure and terms and conditions will reflect at our website.