2 Chord easy Hindi Bollywood song guitar lesson for Beginners – Detailed Video Lesson

2 chord songs hindi

Hello guitar players,

Here is a list of easy 2 chord songs hindi Bollywood songs for Beginners. These are video lessons so that you can follow the instructions and learn easily. Please note these songs are based on more chords but for the beginners to enjoy I have simplified it and taught using two chords. So enjoy and if you want to learn guitar properly then feel free to checkout my guitar course for absolute beginners to intermediate level named Guitar from Scratch.

If you want to get started with the following songs then you need to know 2 basic Chords E and A.

2 chord songs hindi


2 chord songs hindi

Yaaron – KK guitar lesson

Pal -KK – guitar lesson for beginners

Sanu ek pal

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