Hello dear guitar players,

This course is designed to take you to the next level if you are stuck in a rut of playing only chords and want to break free so that you can compose your music and learn to decode songs on your own. This is your first step towards understanding music more clearly. This course provides you with the essential tools which you can apply to understand music better.

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In this course we will be covering the following topics.

  • Formation of a major scale. (Scale formula)
  • The notes of any major scale.
  • Finding out more major scales in 5ths.
  • Basic major, minor chord formula.
  • Harmonized Major scale (Chords present in a scale).
  • Nashville numbers.
  • Relative minor.
  • How to transpose to other keys.
  • Formation of more chords like Sus2, Maj7 etc.
  • Representing the minor scale in terms of major scale.
  • Formation of extended chords like Maj9. Add11, Maj7 add11, min7 Dom7 etc.
  • Extended diatonic chords.
  • Visualisation of diatonic chords on the fretboard.
  • Ideas to find scale and chords of a song.
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