This course is designed to take you to the next level if you are willing to expand your understanding of the fretboard and to play beautiful melodies while soloing other than moving up and down the fretboard aimlessly. Using these concepts will help your melodies to be precise as you target the chord tones.

This course includes videos, pdfs, fretboard diagrams, backing tracks and guitarpro files.

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In this course we will learn the following topics.

  • What are arpeggios?
  • How are arpeggios formed?
  • Constituent elements of major and minor arpeggios.
  • Basic ear training.
  • Getting used to singing major n minor arpeggios chromatically.
  • Visualization of the arpeggios.
  • Intervals n rel minors.
  • Deatiled study of Caged shapes.
  • Diatonic aprs with examples.
  • Loads of exercises.
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