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Music Circle is an institute offering music lessons. We are located in Kolkata but our guitar section operating in the name 'Tamsguitar' has students from different parts of the world like U.S.A,U.K.,Australia,Norway,U.A.E. etc. and from different parts of India since we teach via skype too.Recently the youtube channel reached 52k subscriber mark and growing steadily since we have 550+ guitar lessons that is benefiting innumerable students for free. We also provide skype lessons for Drums,violin etc.

You can find the reviews left by our students in google. Just google 'Tamsguitar' for the reviews.

At MUSIC CIRCLE we have helped innumerable students of age range 4yrs - 68yrs to learn music to the best of their capabilities over the years.The faculty members here are young talented musicians with immense patience and willingness to share the knowledge and inspire students. We created an ambience where we breathe music and it will make you keep coming back.

The features that differentiates us from others are, we have a jam room where eligible students can jam with people playing different instruments, we have a dedicated youtube channel where you can revisit important lessons over and over again at your convenience.

We focus on the fact that different people have different strength and weaknesses thus our approach towards teaching music varies according to the students so that at the end of the day the lesson is understood by the students and if not we can repeat it n number of times till its understood.

A short compilation of clips recorded in the classroom you can watch.

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