Online guitar teacher in India teaching via Skype Indian / Bollywood Music | Tamsguitar online guitar lessons

Skype guitar lessons india | online guitar classes india | Looking for online guitar teacher from India?? We are happy to let you know that online guitar classes via skype from India (Online guitar classes india) is conducted from our music institute MUSIC CIRCLE in Kolkata. We teach all levels and our team consist of Professional musicians with […]

Aadat (Jal) guitar solo tabs with detailed video tutorial | Tamsguitar | Guitar Lessons in Kolkata and via skype

Aadat (Jal) guitar solo tabs Aadat (Jal) guitar solo tabs detailed guitar video lesson in Hindi #tamsguitar #musiccircle This song is in C# minor scale. C#m scale: C#(1)  D#(2)  E(3)  F#(4)  G#(5)  A(6)  B(7) Solo Tabs   Aadat (Jal) guitar solo tabs video lesson If you want to thank us by paying for the lessons we […]

2 Chord easy Hindi Bollywood song guitar lesson for Beginners – Detailed Video Lesson

2 chord songs hindi Hello guitar players, Here is a list of easy 2 chord songs hindi Bollywood songs for Beginners. These are video lessons so that you can follow the instructions and learn easily. Please note these songs are based on more chords but for the beginners to enjoy I have simplified it and […]

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Guitar From Scratch – Guitar Lesson for beginners

  What is Guitar From Scratch ?? Guitar lesson For Beginners Guitar from scratch is a guitar course for beginners (Online guitar lesson for absolute beginners).If you failed before and think that guitar is too difficult then you might wanna try it out. Guitar from scratch offers a systematic approach towards learning guitar and as […]